Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Living Dangerously

The snow has hit us hard the past few months and when it's not snowing it's freezing cold temps.  All I want to do is grab a nice warm blanket, put on some thick socks, put on a fire and curl up on the sofa to binge watch Grace and Frankie! 

So when our friends who like to snow mobile asked us to come along for their annual "couples/family" trip my first inclination was NO.  I'm not an outdoors/fast speed thrill seeker.  My biggest thrills can be found at Home Goods! I'm not usually easily persuaded but this time I caved. 

Instead of hibernating until the temps break I'm going to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where the temps are just as cold or colder than home and the snow is definitely deeper.  To make it more interesting we'll drive fast through the wind and snow.  I hear the scenery is fantastic but I doubt I'll be able to take pictures since I'll most likely be hanging on for dear life. 

Here is what I can expect.  This is a picture from their website. 

And this is what we are leaving. 

I suppose I'm not changing much of the scenery.  The only difference is this is the view from my back door from a warm house.  The other one will be out in the middle of nowhere in the cold. 

I hope I'll enjoy it and I think it will be a great way to say farewell to winter!

Stay warm my friends. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Word for 2019 - Accomplish

Inspirational Word for 2019


VERB - achieve or complete successfully. 

I’m a person who loves to start projects.  I come up with some great ideas and jump on it with the excitement of a child on Christmas morning.  I buy the paint and the paint brushes, the fabric and the patterns.  I envision how great the results will be.  Unfortunately I’m a stress worker.  I lose my motivation until it becomes a crisis.  Things like trying to lose weight a month before I leave for vacation or decorating, painting and minor remodels to my house before a family party.  It can be stressful and in the end it doesn’t make me feel like I’ve “accomplished” anything.  It’s almost as if I realize that I can accomplish it so it’s not worth finishing.  I celebrate the win before winning! 

This year I’ve decided that the word Accomplish will be my motivational word.  It’s going to do two things for me.  First it will make me think through the project from start to finish.  Second it will make me NOT start something I’m not willing to finish.   An example is if I buy that old dresser with the intent to paint it then I must hold myself to finishing the project or not buy the darn dresser.   I use this example because I have an OLD metal dresser from over a year ago waiting to be painted.  It’s getting painted this year.  

Diet and Exercise is a big one!  I started and stopped at least ten times in 2018.  In January of 2018 I planned to lose all of my weight by my next sales meeting which is a week and ½ away.  I even bought a goal dress.  Well that didn’t work.  So now I’ll set some small achievable goals and focus on my word.   

Finally this little blog needs more attention.  I think that before and after pics will help move me towards accomplishing a goal.  The best place to document is here and Instagram. 

Happy New Year!


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Farewell Summer

I've always been a fall person.  I love the colors, the sweaters, the smells and the cooler weather.  Apple picking and pumpkins, decorating for fall was always fun. 

Until we moved to the lake.  Suddenly I've changed into a summer person and I dread the winter.  It has to do with the lake, with the summer boating and the pool.  Nothing beats jumping into the pool on a hot, sticky day or heading out to the lake and the big party on the sandbar. 

I am getting too old to wish my life away but I really hope winter moves quickly.  I plan to do a lot of projects in the house to make things more interesting.  I've got some rooms to paint and just bought a new sewing machine to make curtains and pillows. 
I plan to hit the gym to get my summer body ready.  I was supposed to be ready this year but THAT never happened!   There's always next year.  I'm not giving up!
I'll embrace fall and I'll try to tolerate winter.   Some friends are suggesting snow mobiles but I'm not so sure yet!  Lots of fun ahead.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Dutch Creek Going Keto!

We've had an amazing summer so far at the Dutch Creek Cottage!  A trip to Florida, lot's of boat rides, playing in the pool.  But all that fun leads to a whole bunch of weight gain!  Seven pounds followed me home from Florida!

My daughter started the Keto diet and I was on weight watchers.  I always feel deprived on WW.  I love real cheese and real butter and WW just doesn't support that.  So I decided to give this Keto thing a try. So far I love it!

I started three weeks ago and lost 2.2 the first week and 1.8 the second.  I'm still pretty sure I could have done that with WW too if I stuck to it but I wouldn't be eating foods that I enjoy.   I'm not missing bread or pasta at all, not missing cake or ice cream or any of the heavy sugary foods, I'm not a pop/soda drinker.   The only thing I have to be careful is WINE, BEER and Cocktails!   Can't float in the pool without a cocktail...well I can but I do enjoy a good Gin and Tonic.   Wine night with my best friend is a challenge but we are both trying to lose weight so we keep each other in check.  It's always good to do it with a buddy!

I've got a work trip back to Florida in October and would like to lose a few more pounds by then.  So now it's time for exercise!

This is me after the last exercise video my daughter sent me.  It was a killer!

Not going to give up though!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sunshine and Warm Days will come

It's been a very longer winter.  The longest I can remember even though I know that we have had snow as late as May in Chicagoland.  Heartbreak and sadness seems to linger through these dark, snowy winter days.  Probably because death came knocking in the latter part of winter this year.  Our hearts were broken by the loss of my brother.  A young 52 years old but succumbed to a massive stroke only 10 days before his 53rd birthday in January.   He was a wonderful brother, fun loving and caring Uncle and good friend to many.  Our family will miss him for the rest of our lives. 
R.I.P my handsome brother
Perhaps that is why Spring feels as if it's been delayed.  The weather is getting so many people down these days but I will say that the loss of my brother has taught me how precious life is.  We always say "they've gone to a better place" but do they?  I can't think of a better place than here in this world surrounded by family and good friends.  No matter where we go I know that while I'm right here in this world I'll enjoy every snowflake and cold wind that comes my way! 
April Snow on the back deck
The sun is shining today and the temps are supposed to rise.  So much to look forward to.   We're replacing our above ground pool, we're cleaning up the yard, soon we'll be bringing the boat out of storage, and no one knows it yet but I'm planning on getting a new puppy.  My son will graduate this May and might move home for a bit.  He took the long road to college but persevered!
Dutch Creek Cottage Blog will see a lot more action.  So much happens and I can't believe I don't put up a quick post now and then!
Today I tried to help save a Pelican!  Fly Pelican, Fly!  Someone posted on a FB page that there was a pelican flying around with fishing twine wrapped around it's beak. I thought I saw it this morning so I called a couple of wildlife centers but they couldn't help unless someone caught it.  #useless #lakelife
Tomorrow is Fish Night.  Every Friday we go out for fish to a little local dive of a bar but the walleye is fantastic.  Laughter fills the air.  Good Food, Good Friends, Good Fish!  Good Martinis!
We are blessed.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all.  

We’ll be celebrating at my daughter’s house this year.  Her first year in and she’s cooking for 24 people!  I’ll be there to help of course.   Since we moved a good hour and some change away from most of our family it would be hard for everyone to get to my place in time for dinner.  Our little girl is the half way point.   We’re making two turkeys and a ham along with all the sides.  She got some big appetites coming. 

I’m so looking forward to decorating for Christmas in the new house this year.  I’ve been buying a few things here and there but have plenty of bins in the storage room in our basement to go through.  Since we were getting ready to list our house on Saylor last year I scaled down on Christmas.  I’m so excited this year because I’ve got TWO fireplaces to decorate!  I’ve never even had one in any of my past houses.  One of my FP’s has a mantle and the other doesn’t but has a very wide raised hearth so I’m going to have a ball with both.   This long weekend will be filled with decorating and hot chocolate and Christmas music.  Mr. Wonderful will be hanging lights outside and putting up his Hunter Snow Man (which I’m not crazy about so he’ll be tucked in a corner).  

I’m really loving the Scandinavian look this year and will be combining it with my traditional tartan Christmas d├ęcor.   I love the colors of Christmas!

I love “kilty” Santa ornaments and cannot believe that I went all the way to Scotland last month and didn’t think to buy one for the tree!!   Well, maybe next trip I’ll remember.  I wasn’t in the Christmas mood yet and my daughter didn’t want to traipse through all the gift shops.
I will end this post with some pictures from the old house since we don't have any winter pics from the new house yet. 
I always loved this tree and will miss decorating her for Christmas.  
In all her finery for Christmas.
Our Christmas tree in the old house.  It was cramped but cozy. 
Our new house has plenty of space and I won't have to move around the furniture!  
Oh the fun I'll be having this weekend! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bringing down the wall

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in this house for almost 5 months!  The summer went by so quickly and so did the fall!  The weather has been so cold that it feels we are already in the dead of winter.  I’m almost afraid to imagine what it will be like in January.  I’m hoping we get a cold snap and then warm up from there.  

Since moving to our new home we’ve knocked down a wall which proved to be a little more work than anticipated.  As you can see in the picture it broke up the living room and fireplace room and divided it awkwardly.  The living room portion could have been used as a dining room but that would mean I’d have to walk around the wall from the kitchen.  The fireplace room didn’t seem deep enough for a table and broke up the path from the deck.   Our contractor came in and took a look and determined it was not load bearing.  He agreed that the wall didn’t make sense and said it would not be difficult to remove.  Luckily the previous owners left extra pieces of hardwood flooring in the garage so that issue was resolved.   So all was a go even though we had our entire family up for the long weekend and a ride in the new boat (a post for later).  He started knocking it down and wouldn’t you know it the answer to why that wall was there hit us square in the face.  The electrical for the entire house was running through that wall!   Well, it took a little bit of extra work but all went well and the wall is gone. 
Here are a couple of before pics with the wall.  Look how dark the front room is! 

Now I have a big open rectangular box of a room.  One side is plain and the other has my fireplace.  It’s still a bit awkward but with the right furniture I think I can bring it all together.  I just picked up a long table from a woman who chalk painted it and sad to say did not do a very good job.  I bought the table for its sturdiness and the shape of the legs.  Even though I’m not experienced with chalk paint I’ll give it a crack.  If that fails then I’ll paint it with some acrylic paint and make it work.  I also bought a bench to match and am on the hunt for some chairs.  Pictures to come on that.   I'm supposed to host Christmas so I better get on it!
The house is in great shape but I need to make it my own.  Almost every room needs a new coat of paint simply because I am not a fan of the colors.  So far the coziest room in the house is turning out to be the basement!  We’ve got a wood burning fireplace down there too and used if for the first time this past weekend.  It’s the first time I’ve ever had a fireplace in my home.
With the holidays approaching it will be hard to start some projects but maybe a quick update of the laundry room or a bathroom will happen.  I’m going to take advantage of the cold weather to stay warm inside and work this winter. 
I just have to remember to take pictures!